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How to Join the Fine Speakers Bureau

The Fine Speakers Bureau was created for talented Toastmasters who want to speak outside Toastmasters. You are welcome to apply for membership, if  you meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  1. You are a current or former member of a Toastmasters club. (This requirement may be waived by the Bureau president for exceptional speakers.)
  2. You have attained at least Competent Toastmaster or Competent Communicator status or accomplished at least 10 speeches at venues outside Toastmasters clubs; and you accomplished at least three speeches longer than 10 minutes each outside Toastmasters clubs or the Bureau President waived the requirement for outside speeches.

Disclaimer: The Fine Speakers Bureau is not affiliated with Toastmasters International, Inc. The name Toastmasters is a trademark of Toastmasters International, Inc.

Why join the Bureau if You don't Get paid

Each member who joins the Fine Speakers Bureau has his or her own unique reasons. Here are the most stated reasons:

How to Apply for Membership

When you are ready, before you submit your application, do the following:

  1. Print the membership agreement and keep  a copy for your reference. Click here for a copy (PDF).
  2. Review a sample speaker listing to familiarize yourself with the type of information you need to prepare for your speaker profile. Click here for a sample.
  3. Print and review the Speaker's Bureau Listing Form to familiarize your self with the type of information you will need to provide.
  4. Contact the Bureau President for instructions.

Here's how to apply:

Step 1. Read and agree to the terms of the membership agreement.

Step 2. Submit an application for consideration by provide all of the following*: 

*We recommend that prior to submitting the online listing form, that you type your speaker listing information in a document, edit the information to be concise, spell check it for typos and save it. Then copy and paste the information onto the online form during submission.

Step 3. You will be notified within 30 days if your application was accepted. No action will be taken on your application if your application is incomplete (i.e., you did not provide the items requested in Step 2). Your application fee will be returned if the application is not approved or your application remains incomplete for longer than 30 days. If you are accepted as a member, your application fee will cover your membership dues for the first calendar year.

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